Framing Workshop

Our workshop is equipped with state of the art machinery and operated by skilled staff with many years experience.  This guarantees precision, quality workmanship and service. The procedure involves the selection and cutting of a mount which compliments both the picture and the frame. This is done using our modern Nielsen-Bainbridge mount cutter.

Choosing the right frame is critical and we have a wide variety of designs, colours, materials and prices from which to choose.  Once this choice is made the frames are cut to size using a Mitre Guillotine of the latest design.  The assembly of the frame is accomplished using a C39 foot operated under-pinner which is used in combination with a suitable adhesive to produce a rigid and precise finished product.



The next step is to select suitable glass which is then cut to the correct size. Conservation paper (to preserve your artwork) and backing board are also cut to the correct size using the guillotine.  After this the assembly takes place. This  involves the alignment of all aspects of the frame and picture, which are then securely pinned in place.  The final step is to tape the back and attach a high quality, low-stretch picture cord to ensure safe hanging of your artwork.